Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, NV355

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Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, NV355

Excellent Value for the price
I view myself as a “perfectionist” and someone with high expectation. I did my homework and read a lot of reviews, looked and compared in all. I got a chance to compare this machine with “no loss suction – ball” Dyson brand.

1) Weigh wise (my most concern). It comes out much heavier when you turned on because of the suction. But you can adjust it by open the suction hole. So, the work needs to go slower in vacuuming. Any vacuum job, if you go fast, it won’t clean as well, right?

2) Suction power – just as good as Dyson! Promise, no loss and a true power here!

3) I like the “no bag”, drop the debris in the garbage bin. It depends how much you can tolerate with this. This one is fine, does not bother me.

4) Noise level – same as other machine. Not quiet.

5) Yes, easy to turn and go around as promise… and light when carry up the stair because it is not turn on.

Here are the undesirable parts -

Not self…
Wow! I’m impressed!
I don’t impress that easily! I’m so impressed that I went and bought a second one, one model up! This vacuum is everything that it states. I vacuumed twice with my Eureka bagless(always have dog hair or some other crud in my carpet since I live in the country) and then vacuumed again with my Eureka. It’s a really good vacuum. Then I fired up the Shark NV355 and filled the catch cup with “silt” and some more dog hair. Wow! It’s light weight and when you look it, you think that this vacuum can’t possibly be sucking up dirt until you empty the cup! Dirt is what kills carpet fibers. Even if this vacuum only lasts 2 years, then it is still worth the price. I can’t say much more about this–you’ll have to try it for yourself.
Amazing! Great suction! Better than Dyson!
This light-weight vac is amazing! Has the best suction around. Gets waaaay down deep in carpet (or rugs) to pull out dirt that you thought you’d gotten before. Makes them look brand-new! Works equally as well on hard floors and furniture. We have cats and dogs and have enough pet fur to make another whole pet! This thing sucks it up with no problem. Has extra large capacity so you aren’t emptying it every 5 minutes. Swivel head makes corners a breeze! Well worth the money. Unavailable here, but can be bought at Walmart for around $158.

Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum, NV355

The Shark Professional Navigator Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is perfect for everyday use, providing intensive carpet cleaning. The powerful suction works to extract every particle of dust and strand of pet hair from all floor surfaces in your house. Plus, the Shark Lift-Away includes a professional dusting tool to clean bare floors, as well as a washable microfiber pad and a pet hair cleaning tool. The vacuum canister is detachable for more portability, allowing you to transform the upright vacuum into a versatile hand vacuum. You’ll enjoy, easy lightweight maneuvering around tight corners, under tables and other hard to reach areas. It also works well on staircases for a thorough clean.

  • Very easy to use, Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Shark Lift Away never loses suction for a thorough deep carpet clean
  • Upright vacuum provides superior carpet cleaning with a lightweight, detachable canister for extra portability
  • Includes a Professional Dust-Away bare floor tool, washable microfiber pad and pet hair cleaning tool

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